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  Thomas A. DeGise: Hudson County Executive

County Executive Thomas A. DeGise took office after winning a special election in November, 2002, one in which he garnered 77 percent of the vote. On his first day in office, he submitted legislation to the Board of Freeholders to create the first ever Ethics Oversight Board for Hudson County government.

In January, 2003, Mr. DeGise made the opening of a "second front" in the war on sprawl the centerpiece of his first State of the County Address, calling for Hudson County to finally join New Jersey's other twenty counties in adopting an Open Space Trust fund dedicated for the aquistion of new open space, improvement of parks and increased presevation of historic sites.

He has made job creation a priority, begining with a revival of the County's Summer Youth Employment Initiative, which ceased operation under the previous administration. The new initiative combines public and private efforts to help young people into work and off the streets. Within the region, County Executive DeGise serves as the Chairman of the Frieght Committee and a member of the Project Priorities Committee of the New Jersey Transportation Planning Authority.

Prior to serving as County Executive, Mr. DeGise was Jersey City's longest serving Municipal Council President, holding that office from 1993 to 2001. In those years, he never missed a meeting, caucus or budget hearing and never abstained on a vote. Mr. DeGise entered public life as a community leader during the 1980's, founding the New #28 School Neighborhood Association and eventually chairing the Heights Coalition of Neighborhood Associations (HCNA), a group dedicated to improving quality of life in city's Heights Section.

A teacher and administrator in the Jersey City Schools since 1975, Mr. DeGise most recently served as a job placement counselor at Henry Snyder High School. He earned his bachelors degree in Political Science from St. Peters College in 1973.

Mr. DeGise was born and raised in Jersey City. He still lives in the same Heights neighborhood where he was born with his wife Helene, and their two daughters, Linda and Amy.


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