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The New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs protects the public from fraud, deceit and misrepresentation in the sale of goods and services. The Division developed Consumer Alerts to educate consumers about emerging frauds and topics that affect their daily lives. Click on hyperlink or checked mark box, once clicked you will leave Jersey City Online.

checkmark graphic Alternative Dispute Resolution   checkmark graphic    New Jersey Cemetery Board
checkmark graphic    Amusement Games   checkmark graphic  New Jersey State Board of Optometrists
checkmark graphic    Automotive Maintenance   checkmark graphic    Playing it Safe on the Internet
checkmark graphic    Board of Pharmacy      checkmark graphic    Preneed Funeral Arrangements
checkmark graphic    Bulletin for Senior Investors   checkmark graphic    Pre-Paid Phone Cards
checkmark graphic    Bureau of Securities      checkmark graphic    Public Movers and Warehousemen
checkmark graphic    Buying Kosher Foods      checkmark graphic    Real Estate Appraiser Board
checkmark graphic    Carbon Monoxide Poisoning      checkmark graphic    Rent-to-Own

checkmark graphic    Cellular Connection Protection

  checkmark graphic    Retake Control Over Your Mailbox and Telephone
checkmark graphic    Charitable Giving      checkmark graphic    Senior Citizen Safety Checklist
checkmark graphic    Cooking Your Holiday Meal      checkmark graphic    Small Claims Court
checkmark graphic    Credit Card Skimming   checkmark graphic    Spam (Junk E-mail)
checkmark graphic    Credit Issues      checkmark graphic    State Board of Chiropractic Examiners
checkmark graphic    Credit Repair   checkmark graphic    State Board of Examiners of Electrical Contractors
checkmark graphic    Disaster Scams      checkmark graphic    State Board of Examiners of Master Plumbers
checkmark graphic    Division of Consumer Affairs Overview      checkmark graphic    State Board of Marriage and Family Therapy Examiners
checkmark graphic    Elder Fraud      checkmark graphic    State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners
checkmark graphic    Happy Holidays      checkmark graphic    Telemarketing Scams
checkmark graphic    Health Clubs      checkmark graphic    Telemarketing Tips
checkmark graphic    Home Improvement Tips      checkmark graphic    Telephone Slamming
checkmark graphic    Identity Theft      checkmark graphic    Toy Safety Isn't Child's Play!

checkmark graphic    Internet Fraud

  checkmark graphic    Used Car Lemon Law
checkmark graphic    Motorized Wheelchair Lemon Law      checkmark graphic    Weights and Measures
checkmark graphic    New Jersey Board of Nursing      checkmark graphic    What Is the Lemon Law?

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