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Schundlers New Ideas Prevail Over Franks’ Attacks

In Sean Hannity Show Debate

 (NEW YORK, MAY 22) – Jersey City Mayor Bret Schundler displayed Tuesday afternoon why he is the stronger candidate for the Republican gubernatorial nomination, clearly outshining his opponent Bob Franks in a live debate on WABC’s Sean Hannity radio show. 

“If this had been a prizefight the referee would have stopped it in the third round,” said Schundler for Governor Campaign Manager Bill Pascoe. “Franks was on the ropes from the very first question and never recovered. His inability to offer a reasonable defense of his own misleading, negative advertising, combined with Mayor Schundler’s cogent explanation of the truth of the Jersey City success story, proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Bret Schundler should be the Republican nominee for Governor.” 

While Schundler used the forum to explain that he would reform the way government services are delivered, Franks displayed nothing in the way of new ideas or specific proposals for solving the problems about which most New Jersey residents are concerned and under repeated pressing from Sean Hannity was forced to back off his chief attack against Schundler – his campaign’s misleading and inaccurate claim that property taxes had risen during Bret’s terms in office.

 Franks also could not dispute that Jersey City’s property tax levy in the two years prior to Schundler’s election ($103 million) was higher than it is today ($102 million). 

When asked about voting with Jim Florio 90 percent of the time in the Assembly, and whether he had voted to increase the state sales tax, Franks repeatedly tried to change the subject, and would not deny either statement.

 Schundler, who has spent the last several months discussing specific proposals for reforming education, lowering taxes, and reversing sprawl, pointed out that four weeks into his new campaign, Franks has offered no policy initiatives – bold or otherwise – and that he has nothing to say about issues on his website.

 “We look forward to our next engagement with Congressman Franks,” said Pascoe. “The more the voters hear from these two candidates, the more clear it will become that Bret is the better choice for New Jersey.”

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