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Schundler Responds to DiFrancesco Withdrawal Jersey City Mayor Looks Forward To Race With McGreevey

(WEST ORANGE, APRIL 25) Jersey City Mayor Bret Schundler made the following statement in response to news that Acting Governor Don DiFrancesco has withdrawn from the gubernatorial campaign: I would like to start by saying that the nature of this race does not change in any way. This has never been a race of conservative againstliberal, or insider against outsider. It instead has been a race about whether we have the courage to reform the way we do things in New Jersey. We can provide better services and make this a better state without spending more and without constantly increasing the tax burden on New Jerseyans.

I have the better record as an executive. I have the better plan to solve problems and to reform government programs. And I will defeat Jim McGreevey in November. As the candidate for the Republicans I will have a unified Republican base, and it is Jim McGreevey whose base will be divided. There has never been a statewide Democratic candidate in New Jersey who has won without getting a massive plurality coming out of Hudson County. I take that away from him on day one.

In Jersey City we have controlled spending, lowered property taxes, expanded educational opportunities and cut crime. In Woodbridge you have a candidate who is not willing to say no to the special interests to make the changes necessary to achieve these goals. Jersey City has become the turnaround story of New Jersey because we had the courage to reform the way government works and improve government services without taking more money from the taxpayers.

New Jerseyans want someone who is willing to tackle real problems. Its not a question about spending more, its about doing things better and making changes that are long overdue. It is time we are willing to change the way we approach problems so that we can ensure that every child has an opportunity, that our streets are safer, and that we actually can reduce property taxes in every corner of the state.

I feel proud of the trust my people have invested in me. Im convinced the solutions Im proposing will work. This campaign will be about earning peoples support, because I will show them there are better ways to do things. And they will say thank goodness someone has the strength to stand up for what is right.


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