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Schundler Radio Ad Focuses on Tax Relief

Spot says Schundler has The Courage to Reduce Taxes

(WEST ORANGE, APRIL 4) – As the deadline for filing state income taxes approaches, Jersey City Mayor Bret Schundler is hitting the airwaves with his latest radio advertisement – one that addresses his commitment to reduce the tax burden on New Jersey families.

 The 60-second radio advertisement contrasts his commitment to lower taxes for New Jersey families with DiFrancesco’s inaction on the issue. It is airing statewide and in the Philadelphia and New York media markets.

 “We can lower your income and your property taxes – we can lower those darn toll taxes – if a leader would just have the courage to fight for that,” Schundler says in the advertisement.

 The ad also details Schundler’s record of success in Jersey City – something he accomplished while holding the line on taxes. As mayor of Jersey City Schundler has cut taxes three times and over his eight years in office he has held increases in the city’s total tax levy below the rate of inflation despite significant reductions in state aid.

 By contrast, property taxes statewide have continued to soar during DiFrancesco’s tenure as Senate President, and the percentage of income that residents pay to the state through income taxes has also increased as a result of bracket creep.

 The following is the text of the radio spot: Schundler for Governor “The Courage To Cut Taxes”

“Don DiFrancesco has been in the State Senate for 25 years . . .

“He’s controlled Trenton for the last ten . . .

“But, in all those years, our property taxes have skyrocketed out of control, and he’s done nothing to stop it . . .

“It will take courage to cut taxes – it will take Bret Schundler . . .

 BRET: “We can lower your income taxes and your property taxes – we can lower those darn tolls – if a leader would just have the courage to fight for that.”

He got rid of corruption in City Hall, he cut taxes, created hundreds of thousands of new jobs, and built great new schools without costing taxpayer’s one dollar . . .

“Now Bret will beat the Trenton political machine.

“As Governor, he’ll stand up to the special interests and he’ll cut property taxes, income taxes, and toll taxes, because Bret Schundler has the courage to lead  . . . and win . . .


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