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Schundler Campaign Will Appeal Court Decision

Campaign Not Surprised by Trial Court Ruling

 (WEST ORANGE, MAY 4) – Schundler for Governor Campaign Manager Bill Pascoe issued the following statement in response to today’s ruling by Superior Court Judge Linda Feinberg:

 “The right of the people to free and fair elections with ground rules set and agreed upon in advance is a fundamental right that defines American democracy. What the New Jersey Legislature did on April 23 is wrong, and we intend to fight for the rights of the people of New Jersey.

 “Historically, judges at the trial court level are very reluctant to overturn laws passed by the Legislature, so we are not surprised that this initial ruling failed to uphold our case. However, we are committed to proceeding with this lawsuit because we believe that the integrity of the democratic process in New Jersey is at stake.

 “As a matter of fundamental fairness, a legislative body should not be able to pass laws altering the rules of an election campaign that is nearing completion just because they don’t like the way that campaign appears to be progressing. This would set a precedent whereby any time the political party in power appears to be losing, they can pass laws delaying the election date and further changing the rules of the process in their favor.

 “We will appeal this decision because it is the right thing to do, but Congressman Franks should know that in the meantime we are prepared to move forward with a serious debate of the issues in this campaign. Congressman Franks needs to explain why he voted 41 different times to increase taxes during his years in the New Jersey legislature, and why he voted with Jim Florio 90 percent of the time, and why he opposes President Bush’s tax cut proposal.”


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