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Schundler Campaign Reacts to Election Law Rulings
Democratic Process Continues To Be Manipulated

Schundler for Governor Campaign Manager Bill Pascoe issued the following statement today in response to today’s rulings related to the effort by Republican Party bosses to manipulate the election process:

 “The right of the voters to choose their candidates in free and fair elections is a fundamental underpinning of the American democratic tradition.  We filed suit yesterday in Trenton to defend that right, which was abrogated earlier this week by the unconstitutional actions of the New Jersey legislature, acting at the behest of Party bosses.  We will use every resources at our disposal to carry this fight through to its conclusion – which we are confident will be a victory for the people’s right to choose.

 “Today Judge Feinberg denied our request for a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) enjoining Don DiFrancesco’s Committee on Vacancies from submitting a certificate of nomination for Bob Franks, and denied our request for a TRO to prohibit the Secretary of State and the 21 County Clerks from accepting such a certificate.  However, Judge Feinberg did NOT rule on the merits of the case itself.  She set a hearing date for next Friday, May 4.  At that time, we will present our case.

 “We hold firm to our belief that the Legislature should not be allowed to pass laws changing the rules of an election that is already in progress.

 “The decision by ELEC to allow the DiFrancesco campaign to transfer campaign funds to Bob Franks is an outrageous abuse of our campaign financing system. Voters who contributed money to one candidate now may feel pressure to allow that money to be transferred to another candidate whether they support the new candidate or not.

 “I find it more than a little hypocritical that a guy best known for almost beating a candidate who was attempting to buy a Senate seat is now trying to game the system to grab millions of dollars in taxpayer money for his last minute gubernatorial campaign.

 “Our campaign remains hopeful that we will succeed in court on the merits of this lawsuit next Friday, so that we can put a stop to this shameful manipulation of the electoral process. A ruling in our favor would restore integrity to this election and would also send a clear signal that machine politics cannot succeed in New Jersey.”



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