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Bret Schundler On the Issues

Schundler Receives Key Pro-Life Endorsement New Jersey Right to Life PAC backs Jersey City Mayor

The Courage to Lead and Win

Bret Schundler has a proven track record, the practical plan and the dynamic vision to solve New Jersey's problems. Schundler's courage and willingness to stand up to machine politicians and powerful special interests helped him steer New Jersey's second biggest city to a remarkable rebirth, playing a key role in shaping New Jersey's future. A successful Chief Executive, Bret Schundler is the best candidate to lead New Jersey. He knows that even when things are good they can and must be made even better.

With Bret Schundler as Governor, you can count on having more of what is rightfully yours - more control of your own money through lower property and state taxes. More control over your streets and lives through a further reduction in crime. More control over the quality of your children's education through increased school choice and readily available education tax credits. More control in protecting your health and the health of your loved ones through medical savings accounts.

When he was told, in his run for mayor, that Jersey City was beyond help, he kept the faith. Bret believed hard work, innovation, and a rigorous plan could turn the city around. He was right; the skeptics were wrong. And he knows that seemingly permanent state problems can also be overcome.

Mayor Bret Schundler has proven his courage and willingness to stand up to machine politics and special interests, and to make innovative new ideas work for the people... Governor Bret Schundler will mean strong, dynamic leadership, more choice, less government harassment, and you keeping more of your own money.

Reform Public Education Don't Just Throw Money At It

Only Bret Schundler has the courage to stand up to the powerful special interests that have been harming public education. He will increase standards and accountability, and decrease state over-regulation and bureaucracy, so we can improve our public schools not by throwing money at them, but with the dollars they are already spending.

Reform Tenure

The people want tenure to be reformed. They know that we will not have great schools if we do not have great teachers, and that we will not have great teachers if we cannot replace ineffective teachers. Bret Schundler's opponents have ducked this battle. Bret Schundler will win it.

Empower Families With School Choice

Bret Schundler led the successful fight to pass charter school legislation in New Jersey, and he is presently leading the fight to make private school options affordable for families. His opponents are afraid of the special interest that oppose parents having school choice. Bret Schundler fights for what's right.

Lower Property Taxes

If Bret Schundler is elected Governor, you will get lower municipal taxes. He will say "no" to the special interests wanting your state tax dollars, so he can help New Jersey's municipalities lower your property tax bill.

Lower State Taxes

New Jerseyans are paying a higher percentage of their income to the state government than ever before. Bret Schundler will index New Jersey's income tax rates, so inflation does not does not automatically push taxpayers into higher tax brackets.

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