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Jersey City, New Jersey - Roosevelt Stadium

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 Stories about Roosevelt Stadium

 once located in Jersey City

I have a few from The summer of 1974,,,

Some of the best rock bands of that era played Roosevelt stadium and I think
I saw almost every group that played  there..

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Emerson Lake and Palmer" 

They had a massive stage set up...
It looked like a huge circus tent set up in the outfield on a big platform-stage..

well the partying had been going on all day (they used to let you in around noon for an 8pm concert in those days..),. suddenly around 7pm,...a big thunderstorm whipped up out of nowhere and I swear that a small tornado whipped off that tent or whatever had been set up on the stage .

(The crowds had gone for cover under the over-hangs.).
anyway.. the clouds then cleared and suddenly - - -  It was a great, clear, and even sunny

BUT they then announced that the stage had been destroyed by the storm and that the ELP
concert was rescheduled for the following week everybody exited BUT the sudden floods had closed down 440. (of course) So The band's limo was stuck behind a huge puddle on 440 and the whole audience now walking along 440 (several thousand kids) could go over to the limo and was waving and stuff to Emerson lake and palmer sitting inside  their water-blocked limo
just  watching their  whole audience walk down 440 ahead of them It was hysterical.
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Pink Floyd played Roosevelt stadium just after the release of a little album they
had just recorded  called   "  Dark Side of The Moon...." after an intermission, on part 2 of that concert,  Pink Floyd did the whole Dark Side of The Moon album... in Quadraphonic Stereo ! ! !  (remember that?) they had set up   mountains of speakers in all four corners of Roosevelt stadium and the band  started off the Dark Side of the Moon set by setting off a rocket with
sparklers that was strung and "flew" along on a string that went from the top of the overhang to  behind the stage in centerfield ....  the place went bezerk

And It was SO loud...

"Dark Side of the Moon" then begins slowly with the sound of Heart beat...
and the quadraphonic blasting out of a heart beat thumping
slowly but surely
that became so intensely loud that the whole
stadium  was shaking to its foundation with each
ThumpTHUMP... ThumpTHUMP...

one of the most incredible sights I'd ever seen
was when the full moon had risen up between
the twin towers at sunset that night..
just before the Pink Floyd concert began..

the sold-out Roosevelt Stadium Pink Floyd audience rose up and gave the
full moon a rousing standing ovation...

Pollution was much worse in those days..(.there on 440 next to the Turnpike)
The full moon rising was a glowing silver  and sky was pink I swear. 
The Twin Towers looked off-yellow through the haze of turnpike smog
what a concert ! ! ! !

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He played there at the height of his drug problems and his show sucked.

He played for maybe 35 minutes and then left without saying a word to the
Roosevelt Stadium audience...

Well, almost 10,000 kids then stormed the police barricades and
caught up with Clapton's limo ..
right there
it was on the outfield trying to exit secretly out the back...
.  The crowd surrounded the limo and was shaking it so hard I thought the limo
was going to flip over...

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They played one of their first concerts ever at Roosevelt Stadium as the opening act for the Beach Boys.... They had just released their first album and hardly anyone knew who they were...  They were great !   the place went wild...

There were a several other classic bands that played Roosevelt Stadium those few summers that they had rock concerts there
but these few memories are unforgettable for anyone that was there.

Bryan F. Ferrick, Esq., 574 Newak Ave  JC, NJ

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(1978) Home of the Jersey City A's

Affiliation: A's

(1977) Home of the Jersey City Indians

Affiliation: Indians


BUILT: 1937



LOCATION: Droyer's Point (Currently a Condo Development)

Capacity: 25,000



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