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Online Questions and Answers for Jersey City Mayoral and City Council Candidates

Please Note:  Please inform candidates of this question. Answer will be posted as they are received.


  1. Shouldn't companies that receive tax abatements, guarantee a certain percentage of Jersey City residents employment with their company?
  2. Tell us why you're the best candidate to lead Jersey City into the 21st century?
  3. Where do you stand on bulk lien sales?
  4. Where do you stand on waterfront development?
  5. Where do you stand on crime?
  6. Where do you stand on autonomous agencies?
  7. How would you lower or stabilize our tax rate?
  8. Tell the voter why and how you selected your ward and council at large candidates?
  9. If you were a judge and with all the information you know currently,  should Gerry McCann been allowed to run for mayor?
  10. How should Liberty State Park be developed within the next ten years?
  11. How will technology and the internet, play a role in Jersey City future?
  12. Where do you stand on school vouchers?