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Liberty State Park               Special Interest License Plates  

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More than 10 million European immigrants saw the Statue of Liberty, then landed at Ellis Island for processing before boarding the trains at the Central Railroad of New Jersey Terminal to travel to their new homes in the U.S. This northern New Jersey waterfront in the area that is now called Liberty State Park is minutes by ferry from the statue on Liberty Island and from Ellis Island.

When you purchase the new Liberty State Park License plates, you celebrate and support the re-creation of this area into a modern park with a world-class science center, 60-acre nature area and swimming, tennis, boating and fishing facilities for all to enjoy.

To get your plates, just go to any motor vehicle agency with your current plates and registration and pick up the new Liberty State Park plate, or call 1-888-486-3339 on weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. to order by mail. From out of state call (609) 292-6500. Plates cost $50 with an annual $10 renewal fee. You can order personalized plates with up to five characters for $100 and a $10 yearly renewal by mail.

24-Hour telephone information and assistance
For General Customer Information
1-888-486-3339 toll free in NJ
1-609-292-6500 from out of state

For License Suspensions and Restorations

For Vehicle Inspection information
1-888-NJMOTOR toll free in NJ
1-609-895-6886 from out of state

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