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5/22/01 Reacting to a campaign far behind in the polls and devoid of any significant organizational support, Jersey City Mayor Bret Schundler today introduced the following three fantasies in a desperate attempt to rewrite history and match his Pat Buchanan rhetoric with his Florio-style record.

FANTASY #1: Bret Schundler claims he never raised property taxes in Jersey City.

REALITY #1: Ask any Jersey City homeowner, they’ll tell you the tax rate in 1994 was $1.12 and now it’s $2.023—that’s a 79 percent increase. And according to The National Review, Schundler’s own campaign literature admits property taxes have increased since he took office (March 19, 2001).

FANTASY #2: Bret Schundler claims that while working for Gary Hart in 1984, he was working against Walter Mondale, not Ronald Reagan.

REALITY #2: Too bad Gary Hart told the New York Times on January 30, 1984, that “four more years of Ronald Reagan will be a disaster for this country.'' Did Bret write that talking point for Senator Hart while serving as his New Jersey field director?

If Bret switches back to the Democratic Party, will he say in 2001 he ran against Bob Franks, not Jim McGreevey?

FANTASY #3: Bret Schundler pledged to never increase the sales or income taxes.

REALITY #3: His own campaign propaganda says he will increase the sales and income taxes to replace property taxes in a Florio-style funding scheme. In his own talking points, Schundler says his policies “will gradually replace property tax funding for schools and municipalities with sales and income tax fundings.”

“For too long, Bret Schundler has attempted to rewrite history by manipulating the facts, telling half-truths and by simply making things up,” said Charlie Smith, campaign manager for Bob Franks. “Fortunately, Republican voters have Bob Franks, a fiscal conservative with a proven record, as an alternative to Bret Schundler’s apparent memory lapses and delusions.”

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