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The Historic Downtown Special    Improvement District (SID)

Needs you input

The Historic Downtown Special Improvement District (SID) has reached out to the Downtown Coalition of Neighborhood Associations (DCNA) for public comment and feedback on what short & long-term improvements can be made to improve the quality of the SID area. (The SID extends largely along Newark Avenue (East/West) from Grove to Coles Streets and (North/South) along portions of Grove Street on either side of Newark Ave.)

They are interested in all comment (positive or negative) on the SID's performance and an identification of areas for improvement -- e.g., what's working or not working; what should they be doing or not doing; and what areas do they need to focus their future attention on?

Some suggested topic headings for comment appear below. Please reply by email to Feel free to add topics and comments as you see fit.

Thanks for your feedback
Geoff Elkind

*Garbage & Litter
*Improvements Needed


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