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         "We're here to help our Community"            

Jersey City Online:

 "We're here to help our Community"

Welcome to Jersey City Online; the home of Jersey City  Community web site.  Thank you for visiting!  Although this web site is a work in progress, the site is active and is constantly being updated with content.  We hope you will find it useful and will come back often.  Please send a lot of feedback as to how the site can be improved.  Our hope is to have a lot of valuable information that is available in many places housed here so we only have one place to look for information.  Here are some of the reasons why we created this web site: 

  • To give back to our community

  • Unite our neighborhood

  • Share information with our community

  • Support and acknowledge our local merchants and service providers

  • Support small business owners in our area

  • Support each other and our business ventures

  • Bring small town feel to our neighborhood

  • Bring news reports, updates and local area announcements to our neighbors via the internet

  • Cover things forgotten or overlooked by local news coverage

  • Keep you informed of current local events

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Community Form "Our Mission to help our Jersey City Community"

Our Mission " We're here to help our Community"

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