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Jersey City Careers and Jobs Section


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Jersey City Online Careers - becoming the city's largest executive search firm. Jersey City Online Careers focuses on developing the careers of management professionals & technical specialists with leading companies in the Jersey City, Hoboken, New York City and the surrounding areas.


Need help in finding a job in Jersey City -One-Stop sites are located in Jersey City:

Participating in A Hire Experience Career Fair event  is the most cost-effective and time-saving way to recruit candidates for all of your job openings.  Our Event Specialists have successfully hosted events in the past which resulted in over 75 companies and 1000+ applicants that attended each fair.


Jersey City Careers and Jobs Section

*If your company is looking for the very best in successful candidates to fill positions for your current recruitment needs, then “A HIRE EXPERIENCE” has the solution for you.

*A HIRE EXPERIENCE, can reduce your time & expense spent placing ads, screening calls, reading resumes, making call backs, setting up initial interviews. Your company can conduct several weeks of interviews in one day.

JCOL would like to thank you in advance for taking the first step toward easing the task of staffing your organization. Our team is committed to assisting you as our client by minimizing your expenditures and increasing your revenues by offering Career Fairs that will help you meet your hiring objectives. During these times of economic uncertainty, chances are that your company is looking for ways to continue to expand without overextending budgets, which seems to have been the standard practice in the past. We have the solution your company has been searching for.

Our organization is looking to create a long-term relationship with you, and by doing so, your company will have the attention it requires and deserves. Please feel free to Contact Us to find out the benefits of attending our Career Fairs


Opportunities with world class companies
Powerful career management resources and information
Career searches conducted by experienced consultants
Complete confidentiality
Full access to the Jersey City Online Executive Center (Coming Soon)
Personal assessments to guide your career decisions

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